Sunday, January 12, 2014

Best of the Week, Jan 6 to 12 ~ Writing Advice, Amanda Knox & Crossing the Rubicon

In case you missed our postings last week, here are the highlights. The days are getting longer!

The Amanda Knox Verdict
Trust the Process: Another Verdict Looms for Amanda KnoxThe Italian court system, though different than that of the U.S., is competent. We must trust the process.

Writing Advice
Writing Advice: 5 Reality Checks for Aspiring Writers Keeping working even if the market is capricious. Ultimately, staying power defines the writer who succeeds.

Julius Caesar Crossing the Rubicon
The Die Is Cast: Eternal Rome and the Crossing of the Rubicon: The metaphor, "to cross the Rubicon," means to take a decisive and irrevocable step that commits one to a specific course, come what may.

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