Monday, January 13, 2014

5 Tips for Developing Good Reading Habits

It is wondrous to enjoy the life-giving and grounding habit of becoming a reader. It is an excellent adventure! Here are some helpful tips:

1. Pace yourself. Each book has its own process of discovery and interior animation.

2. Overthrow distractions. There will always be something else you can do. But, upon my word, remember: reading is doing something. It is feeding the mind and expanding soul at the same time.

3. Give yourself permission to find which genre animates you, then delve into it. Also, simply because a friend says a book was "the best book I've read" and has lent it to you does not mean it will be the best you have ever read. You are not obliged to like what other people like.  In any case, please remember to return the loaned book!

4. Alternate reading between new offerings and proven classics. Time is the true test of all good writing.

5. Get a good chair or a comfy couch with a solid end table (where you will stack your books) and good lighting. This is your happy place.

Slow down.  Pick up a good book.

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