Sunday, February 2, 2014

Best of the Week, Jan 27 - 31

Happy Birthday, Lewis Carroll 

"Often overlooked in the 'Alice' corpus is Carroll's classic "nonsense poem," Jabberwocky, which is found in Through the Looking-Glass. "

"I Got Rid of My iPhone"

"The constant dinging, bleeping and buzzing, signaling incoming messages, vexed him and pulled his gaze constantly toward the apparatus and away from whatever he was doing and whoever he was with. 'It's messed up. People aren't supposed to live like that'."

Amanda Knox Verdict Today ~ Trust the Process

"After so many phases of this tortured case -- all of which have been scrutinized in the crucible of time and under the eye of the international press -- once the verdict is rendered, the public should be satisfied the court has done its work."

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