Thursday, January 23, 2014

5 Principles of Holy Writing ~ The Wisdom of Frances de Sales

by Wendy Murray

Saint Francis de Sales (1567 – 1622), was a French bishop whose views about "holy imagination" redefined devotion in his time, especially as it is expressed in the arts. His wisdom is timeless and serves as an apt guide for those in the literary realm whose writing voice also possesses spiritual sensibilities.

His book Finding God Wherever You Are offers helpful lessons for writers and artists of any time who find themselves entrenched in the struggles of the human situation:

1. Make decisions and then act.  "Our spirit should give vent whole-heartedly to these good movements of the will . . . But do not linger too long with general movements of the will. You have to change them into deliberate decisions."

2. Stay honorable. "The really patient servant of God bears equanimity of the humiliating trials as well as the honorable."

3. Small mistakes at the beginning only grow larger if left unchecked: "Small mistakes made at the beginning of any project grown infinitely great as it progress . . . . Hence, you should know, before everything else, what is the virtue of devotion."

4. Protect your environment: "Nothing calms down an angry elephant so quickly as a the sight of a little lamb, and nothing breaks the force of cannon balls so easily as wool."

5. Think through projects carefully, choose them clear-headedly, and stay the course. "We are not to question our choice, but devotedly, calmly, steadfastly keep it up, carry it through. Although difficulties, temptations and many different things may beset our path, to make us wonder if we have done right, we are to remain resolute and take no notice . . . . Once our decision has been taken with God's help, we need never fear but that God will aid us to carry it through."

Other books by Frances de Sales include:

The Art of Loving God

Finding God's Will for You

Introduction to the Devout Life

(See Plogger's Pope Francis' call to be Digital Citizens, Message for the memorial service of Saint Frances de Sales)

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